Thursday, July 25, 2013

"it's finally here"

 From our, mine and my husband's, personal experience I can truly say that not finding out the sex was great! It was funny to us because the whole time I was pregnant we kept referring to "it" as he or him. Not gonna lie we really wanted a boy. I had purchased baseball jammies, and other sports things as well for our little mister that was coming. Don't get me wrong, my daughter is still going to wear those jammies and have a fine appreciation for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball, Chicago Bears football, and Blackhawks hockey!

I have said it to many of my friends already, she's the coolest and best thing I have EVER done. And I would do it all again. Every single bitchy, uncomfortable, crying, restless, insanely horrible heartburn, swollen feet, back pain, hot flash, cold feet, husband hating, non-smoking, non-drinking, exhausted from breathing, 55 pound gain moment! It was awesome.

All the bitching I did in the other blogs I wrote while pregnant, it is still legit and real and true. Motherhood has changed a few aspects of me, but for the most part, I am still me. Loud, bitchy, stubborn, overly emotional, dramatic, and highly sensitive to people that are really stupid.

So now I start a new journey...parenting. So far, I am a train wreck. It's been HIGHLY emotional at the Pasko casa. I have cried a LOT!! Buckets and buckets, loads and loads, heaps and heaps. I have cried because the baby was crying and I didn't know why nor could I get her to stop, and this was while we were still in the hospital folks! But, I'm sorry to say I'm not going to spill all my crazy on here. But I will say this, I am very lucky to have a great and strong husband and family and friends to soothe me, and talk me down from my "I'm a bad parent" ledge.

To all those I know that are next in line, if you are reading this, I'm going to throw a few nuggets your way. Ask every single question that pops into your head at your doctor, at time of delivery, etc. There is NEVER a stupid reason to call, or a stupid question to ask. I will warn you that after you deliver and you ask for a beer, they will deny you of that. I was highly disappointed by this, but, c'est la vie. If your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, grandma, or whoever is of the needle hating, high risk for passing out variety, have him focus on you from your shoulders up.
Epidurals?! DO IT!!!! Trust me, you really want to be the strong girl and a bad ass trooper to be able to make it through with no drugs. But, when those contractions kick into high gear and they are coming hard and every 2 minutes, and it feels like your internal organs are going to exit your body through your butthole...hero status takes a quick back seat and you are willing to pay any dollar amount to get whoever it is in that room with drugs, and to get them there ASAP! I mean, whatever, do what you feel. If you do reign supreme and don't take the drugs, high five to you! ...and let me know how your middle feels about three days later, I think you'll swear you didn't give birth but got hit in your genitals with a semi. Just sayin.

But, I am healthy and happy. My baby is healthy and from what I can tell happy. I have a family now. I am mother. I have a daughter. My legacy lives on in the prettiest little girl I have ever seen.
And I will remind you that these words are coming to you from a party girl that was never going to have kids...

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